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cx888 May 29
Substitute Alvaro Morata scored an extra-time winner for Juventus as they beat AC Milan 1-0 to clinch the Coppa Italia. Cheap Baltimore Orioles Jerseys China . The Spanish striker emerged from the bench in the 108th minute, and fired the decisive goal just two minutes later at the Stadio Olimpico on Saturday night.The result secured a second consecutive domestic double for Juventus, becoming the first Italian team in history to do so. For AC Milan, its now five years since they last won a trophy, and it also means theyll be without European football next season. Thirty-four points separated the sides at the end of the Serie A season, but you wouldnt have been able to tell that from the opening 45 minutes as seventh-placed Milan dominated the champions.Cristian Brocchis side got out of the traps early and did superbly to quell an out-of-sorts Juventus, but failed to convert possession and territory into any real chances. AC Milans Giacomo Bonaventura (L) vies with Juventus Daniele Rugani Too often Milan worked the ball into great positions, but failed to produce anything of any real note in terms of a final pass, cross or shot. Davide Calabria was perhaps more guilty than most. On a number of occasions the right-back found space down the flank for Milan, but he managed to turn hitting the first man with his crosses into something of an art form over the course of the first hour.Paul Pogba, so often the inspiration for Juventus, cut a largely frustrated figure in the middle of the park for most of normal time, too often trying to take the game to Milan on his own.One of his runs into the box did, however, produce arguably their best chance of the game after 69 minutes, as he latched onto substitute Alex Sandros fine reverse pass before seeing his effort almost deflected just inside the near post. But 17-year-old Milan goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma got down well to keep it out. Patrice Evra of Juventus and Davide Calabria of AC Milan in action Neither side was good enough, in truth, to deserve the victory in 90 minutes, but the attacking quality didnt really improve at first in extra-time either.Juves attacking pair of Mario Mandzukic and Paulo Dybala were struggling, while Carlos Bacca wasnt doing much better at the other end for Milan.It took 104 minutes for the Colombian to have anything approaching a sight of goal, and even then it wasnt an easy chance. A loose header from Giorgio Chiellini dropped to him in space in the box, but he couldnt quite squeeze his overhead bicycle kick under the bar. Juventus celebrate after winning the Coppa Italia Juventus boss Max Allegri waited until the second half of extra time to unleash Morata, and his decision to finally do so paid off almost immediately.A Juventus break saw another substitute in Juan Cuadrado released down the right, before his lifted cross was finished first time with a superb clinical touch by Morata at the far post. Milan responded straight away as Brocchi threw on Mario Balotelli for the closing minutes, but the man who has become known for creating drama couldnt produce any more as Juventus held on for victory.  Cheap MLB Jerseys Online . The Islanders dealt Thomas Vanek to the Montreal Canadiens after less than a year on Long Island. Meanwhile, the Oilers dealt long-time sniper Ales hemsky to the Ottawa Senators on Wednesday for a fifth-round pick in 2014 and a third-rounder in 2015. Cheap Baseball Store . There are surprises among the Vezina candidates, but most of the others are standard top-tier performers, even if the two Hart Trophy runners-ups have never been quite as good as they have been through the first half of the season. http:///...rseys-china_93l.html . -- An ugly goal by Nick Bonino helped the Anaheim Ducks overcome the defensive-minded Phoenix Coyotes on a night when their ragged power play continued to struggle. Once upon a time, when Sundays were as cloudless as our clarity of purpose, we would have donned our whites and taken to the field, and there the modern world would be held at bay for a few sweet, sweet hours by its great antidote, village cricket. But the wheel of fate is ever spinning and before long we slid off the teamsheet, distracted by family, work and the myriad other calls upon our time. Sulking in our tents like so many modern-day Achilleses, we could only slowly appreciate when the game might fit back into our lives, or we might fit our lives back into the game. And when, finally, we are tempted back into the fray, we search for our old armour in vain.And theres the rub: what do we do about equipment? Do we kit ourselves up to the eyeballs or just stroll out with the barest of bare necessities? Theres a fine line to be walked here, and its the one between the pavilion and the middle. And back.As we all know, cricket is played largely in the head (certainly my best innings have taken place there), but its not just our attitude or expectations that count: the opposition has a part to play here, too. No one wants to be that player, do they? The one whose journey to the middle (and back again) is accompanied by the fateful words all the gear, no idea.But if we judge a player by the gear they sport, or their journey to the crease, we are fools and may well end up hoist by our own petard.I am told that when I walk out to bat against a new team, they can be somewhat worried. Not because my swagger is akin to that of some legendary Greek warrior, my bat cutting slices in the air like a demiurges scimitar, but because my gait is, well, Im not sure how best to describe it, other than to say it wouldnt strike fear into your average penguin. Teams have been known to ask the umpire if they should bowl nicely, and how the hell Im going to run between the wickets.But my problem with cricket isnt Parkinsons, its lack of talent. Of course, it doesnt help that my bat shakes, my feet wont move and my left-hand grip is fast diminishing, but once Im out of the blocks, Im plenty quick enough to steal singles. My appearance makes expectations dip, however - and my life in the middle somewhat easier (sometimes). And my kit? As Nicholas Hogg pointed out recently, cricket can be an expensive pastime, but then, what hobby isnt? When I was 21 I taught at a contemporary-music school, and my evening classes were full of middle-aged men who, finding that they were suddenly richer in both time and money than they had been in 20 years, decided to revisit their youth in the shape of the electric guitar. You think crickets expensive? Try catching the guitar bug. These men would often show up to class with a different guitar each week, each worth more than my entire rig, while I was still playing the guitar I bought for £150 when I was 17. And you know what? These uber-axes didnt make them better guitarists, but they did have two very positive results (apart from keeping guitar makers in business). The high-quality guitar not only allows the player to squeeze that little bit more out of their ability, but, perhaps more importantly, it makes them feel good. And that, for me, is the point of the exercise.If theres a pastime more perfectly tailored forr good-old-days romanticism than cricket, however, Ive yet to discover it. Cheap Chicago Cubs Jerseys China. Hed never have got away with that if he had one of the old bats, Its all the fault of helmets, DRS is ruining everything, hang on, no, T20 is ruining everything, oh, wait, Covered pitches are ruining everything, and so on and on. The image of the old-timer with his fraying, ill-fitting pads and 20-year old bat coming to the middle and showing up the middle-aged arriviste with the hand-shaved wand and moulded thigh pad is as seductive as ever it was. But its not only a daft image, its unfair to both parties.Weve all played that shot before. You know, the one where body, bat and ball become one for a split-second and your spirit is electrified. You enter the realm of the truly sublime as you transcend time and space and the ball, oh, the ball. No one moves in the field, because everyone feels what you feel. Perfection. The nature of a really good bat is such that using it increases the chances of experiencing this harmonic convergence.Now, youre not going to tell me that our mythical old-timer isnt going to get more value from his shots using a good bat.I have a good bat - a very good bat, in fact. Every so often I play a shot that is almost worthy of it, causing one or other of the fielders to ask me what it is. I reckon its worth 20% of my runs over the course of a season, and more to the point, if I time a worthy shot early enough, my confidence soars. If Im out early, no ones any the wiser. (Im, ahem, between sponsors)The same goes for protective gear, except that not only does well-designed, well-made kit help you function better, it protects you better. As a keeper, I want the best gloves I can afford. They feel better, help me take more catches, and protect my hands better. In fact, I want fitted gloves, because my little finger never quite sits right and its vulnerable enough as it is. (If anyone fancies making me a pair, drop me a line.) I often see other, better keepers with greatly inferior gloves, and after getting over my embarrassment wonder why they dont step up a gear... in gear.What matters most in the professional game is results. There is no Armenian judge giving extra points for style, just a scorer marking down the result of each ball. Of course, pretty runs have a different psychological impact on the game than ugly runs do, but no team worth its salt picks a player who makes elegant 20s over one who makes ugly 60s. Do they? But we dont play the professional game. We play real cricket, recreational cricket. We are the giants on whose shoulders the professionals stand. In our game, its all about feeling good. Its a game we play for pleasure, and if it makes you feel good to play with a £400 bat, and you can afford it, then you just go for it. After all, youre effectively subsidising the whole cricket industry. And its almost Christmas.Dont forget, however, that while an awesome bat may allow you to get full value from your shots, it might just make a bowler take you more (or less) seriously than they ought, and it will certainly allow the opposition to get full value from your feathered edges. ' ' '